All you need for a movie is two boys and one girl.

I’m really god at becoming infatuated.
This is funny, because I meant to type good
But I suppose God works, too—



Pack the bags under your eyes.

I have now opened 57 word documents and written in every one of them. I read four blogs, back to their 2005 archives, before the writers found their voices. Their earlier cough-choke-sputter of word-arrangements was painful and naive.
They are better now, but I liked that I could see they worked years to get there.
I have also tried to light my cell phone instead of a cigarette.
Insomnia can go away whenever it would like.
I know I spent the last year of my life staying up until sunrise—but that was back when I had company and it was a well respected bonding time, rather than keeping company with my cat.
Who, by the way, had no problem falling asleep on my arm.